Faculty and Staff

Alonzo Tomas Ybarra
Social Studies Teacher
BA History, Masters in Teaching
University of Washington
I am a proud member of the Middle College High School graduating class of 1991 at SCCC. My experience as a Middle College graduate inspired me to pursue higher education and the opportunity to spend my entire 16 year career teaching at Middle College High School.

Boo Balkan Foster is of Jicarilla Apache descent and Makah (adopted into the Turk Markishtum family.) She is a strong advocate for underrepresented students and loves her job. Boo has worked for Seattle Public Schools since 1994 when she was recruited to teach for American Indian Heritage School. She currently holds a Masters in Teaching, a BA in English Literature and has Washington State teaching endorsements in English, Language Arts, Special Education and Visual Arts.

Camille Paul
B.A. Economics – Emory University
M.B.A – Georgia State University
M.Ed – Special Education High Incidence – University of Washington
Endorsement in Reading – University of Washington
My role at Middle College is to provide extra support to students in reading, writing, and other subjects as necessary. I also spend time helping students prepare for their state assessments and help them with special projects that they need for graduation. Additionally, I manage the Individual Education Plans for those students who have IEPs. I strongly believe that with encouragement and support, every student can be successful at Middle College.

Andrea Chorney
Masters in Education
Washington State Teaching Endorsements:
English as a Second Language K-12, Social Studies 4-12, History 4-12, Elementary Education K-8
Western Washington University, Antioch University

Cindy Nash, Principal



Mohamed O. Mohamud, Office and Graduation Success Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Faculty and Staff

  1. I am very interested in learning more about your school and how to provide a small stipend every month for either/both a struggling student (such as the young woman featured in the KUOW segment) or school supplies, books, or whatever suits your schools needs best.
    This is a true and sincere offer. I believe all children deserve to start out on the same foot and I have been blessed with good fortune in my life and feel the desire to pass something along to help others.

    • Thank you for your support Carolyn! We look forward to meeting and will contact you via e-mail to set up a meeting.

      Alonzo Ybarra

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