Middle College High Point students partner with the High Point Neighborhood Association to Keep High Point Green!

Middle College High School students at the High Point Center have adopted a garden plot at the southwest corner of Commons Park.  This project, organized as a partnership with the High Point Neighborhood Association Keep High Point Green initiative, is part of the Middle College High Point Environmental Science and Community Justice service learning curriculum.  This unique curriculum teaches Middle College students about environmental science and many interconnected social and community justice issues, allowing students to earn science, social studies and community service credits.  Today, students at Middle College High Point began what will be a 3 to 4 week project to rehabilitate and re-design their adopted garden plot.  Our students are excited to work with volunteer master gardeners and horticulturalists as they learn about how to organically and sustainably maintain green spaces for all the community to utilize and enjoy.  Part of our goal for the re-design element of the project is to add more indigenous plants that provide peak flowering for our honey bee neighbors living in the West Seattle Bee Garden also located at the Commons Park.  See coverage of our story on the West Seattle Blog!

UPDATE!!  Next week we will add new plants to our adopted garden plot in the High Point Commons Park.  This will be an important accomplishment for our students this semester as we move from rehabilitating our garden plot into our long term commitment to maintaining our adopted corner of the park.






Here’s the before shot of our adopted garden plot. Stay tuned for the after shot!




Even our teachers get their hands dirty!





Double Update!!  Here are some after pictures although the work to maintain our adopted garden plot will continue year round.