Enter the Garden 2015, We Have Compost!

After several months, MCHS HP students return to the garden to see the results of their year long composting efforts.  Having carefully separated waste from lunches, our students succeeded in producing nutrient rich compost that we used to amend the soil  in our p-patch.  Next step will be to decide what to plant!






UPDATE! MCHS HP Students Gearing up for the 2015 West Seattle Bee Festival!

The West Seattle Bee Garden was a great success.  I know we’re late in posting this information but it is an important part of our service learning curriculum and we’re so proud of our students who volunteered to make this event a success.  See the letter of thanks from organizer Deborah Vandermar:

Thank you MCHS!!

Hey guys,

In case you did not realize how important your presence was yesterday at the Bee Festival, check out the media coverage!

Also, Peter Berliner from the Honey Run sent his appreciation for your help:

“All done. 25 runners who ran between 3 and 13 laps!
Lots of great volunteers.  Now that we’ve done it once we can do it up big next year!!”
I am so grateful for your continued involvement in the community!  You guys rock!!!!

Deborah Vandermar


Save the date!  Saturday, May 16th is the West Seattle Bee Festival located just outside our classroom doors at the High Point Commons Park.

As part of their service learning curriculum that combines environmental science and social studies, Middle College High Point Students are gearing up to support the West Seattle Bee Garden Festival for 2015!  In the classroom our students are learning about environmental science and principles of sustainability, urban agriculture and connections to social justice movements both local and national.

Outside of the classroom our students learn about organic gardening while preparing the West Seattle Bee Garden for the upcoming festival.  Our students also learn about urban farming through planting and growing herbs and vegetables in their p-patch located right here in the High Point Commons Park.  Hoping to repeat the success we had last year, MCHS HP students will donate their harvest to the West Seattle Food Bank.

As a school that emphasizes critical thinking, social justice and community engagement, we encourage students to apply classroom learning with real life experiences.  Our relationship with the High Point Community makes this all possible.