Middle College Site Council, Community Supporters and Partners

The Middle College High School Site Council is now Social Justice Educators Advocates.

To learn more about SJEA and our continued and growing struggle to restore Middle College and return the traditional social justice curriculum and teacher leaders, click on the link below.

Social Justice Education Advocates!

2015-2016 Middle College High School Site Council:

  • Dr. Julie Hungar, Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Seattle Community Colleges.
  • Deborah Vandermar, Co-Chair, Events Committee, Open Spaces Association (ECOSA, formerly High Point Neighborhood Association)
  • Oscar Overland, Graduate
  • Michael Moynihan, Graduate
  • Jackson Perry, Graduate
  • Audreyanna Leatualii, Graduate
  • Cody Choi, Student
  • Garry Owens, Parent, Co-Chair, Middle College High School Site Council
  • Maria Batayola, Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington (FAPAGOW)
  • Velma Veloria, former State Representative, Washington 11th District
  • Eaonhawinon Patricia Allen, Community Member
  • Rosslyn Shea, Community Member
  • MaryEllen Cardella, former MCHS Instructor
  • Lisa Corbin, Parent, Co-Chair, Middle College High School Site Council
  • Cindy Domingo, Parent, Chief of Staff to Larry Gosset, King County Council District 2
  • Michael Hureaux, former MCHS Instructor

Note:  The Middle College High School Site Council was formed to support the sites at the High Point Center and Ida B. Wells at the University of Washington.  Despite the unjust closure of Middle College High Point and the displacement of many of our most successful and experienced teachers, this site council continues to organize to return Middle College to the original mission centered on providing social justice education through critical pedagogy.  In order to fulfill this mission, the Middle College High School Site Council demands the following.

We demand a change in district policy that supports the original Middle College High School model.  Specifically we call upon the Superintendent and School Board to immediately take the following steps:

  1. Remove Principal Cindy Nash immediately and install a program manager chosen by the MCHS Site Council and the School Board.  Middle College needs to be reorganized throughout the city to ensure that all sites are working collaboratively and in common purpose consistent with the original mission. 
  2. Re-0pen Middle College High Point and provide the resources necessary for success and sustainability.  This includes working with the MCHS Site Council to find a location to house 100+ students and a budget that will provide 4 teachers with adequate counseling and support staffing.
  3. Restore experienced faculty and staff to positions within Middle College at all sites.
  4. The Seattle School District and School Board should commit to working with the Middle College High School Site Council to restore the original mission of providing authentic social justice education for all Middle College sites.


The West Seattle Blog:  www.westseattleblog.com

Neighborhood House High Point Center:  http://www.nhwa.org/high-point/

Seattle Public Library, High Point Branch:  http://www.spl.org/locations/high-point-branch

West Seattle Bee Garden:  http://www.westseattlebeegarden.com/photos.html

High Point Neighborhood Association:  http://www.highpointneighborhood.org/

34th District Democrats:  http://34dems.org/

List of Seattle P-Patch Community Gardens:  http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/ppatch/locations.htm

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