Student Testimonials


MCHS HP Graduates

“Before I started Middle College I was lost, without it I would probably still be in the streets.”  Oliver Wilson, Graduate, currently studying computer technology at the City College of San Francisco.

“Middle College High Point offers flexibility, challenging work, caring teachers, a respectful environment and a more community oriented school program.”  Esah Kennedy, Graduate, currently attending the Evergreen State College.

“The faculty created an atmosphere of growth and realness that made me more inspired to become socially conscious and motivated to graduate.”  Robbin Clemente, Graduate, currently a Dj and music producer living in Palo Alto, CA.

“I was a borderline drop out when my guidance counselor told me about MCHS…  The whole experience from the start to finish was extraordinary.  Making the change to MCHS really changed my life, not only academically, but emotionally as well.”  Lauren Tervo, Graduate, currently a student at SCCC earning  A.A. and A.A.S.-T degrees.

“I found people that cared about my education at this school.  When I attended Middle College, I just turned seventeen, worked two jobs, and had my own place.  It was difficult to balance everything in a normal high school atmosphere where I felt misunderstood…  I was able to graduate high school, get a scholarship to earn my A.A. and B.A.S., something no one in  my family had ever accomplished.”  Criselda Casault, Graduate, attended SSCC earning two degrees, currently working for Costco.

“Subject matter that dealt with the struggles of my people was the most I ever got out of school.  I was given guidance in my pursuit of truth, and help in the advancement of my education.”  Marcus Joe, Graduate and First Nations Artist.


 Current MCHS HP Students

I’ve gone to other alternative schools and Middle College HP is the only one where teachers really helped me and didn’t just hand me a log in and told me to go watch someone talk on a computer screen.  Teachers push you to do assignments that actually require you to think, you don’t have to memorize answers for one night and forget about them the next.  Middle College teachers really care about their students.  Alejandra Macias, current MCHS HP Senior

Middle College HP has teachers that actually care about their students and teaching.  I like the smallness of the school, it just feels like a community of people who all want to succeed.  This school teaches you things that you can use your entire life through life long learning.  At Middle College HP the learning that happens in the classroom can be taken out to the world and put into practice.  For instance, our gardening in the P-Patch, working and learning about the Bees and applying what we’ve learned in political science encourages us to go out and fix our community for the better.  Kevin Beall, current MCHS HP Senior

Small class sizes and art-focused learning was more engaging and interesting.  I also found that teachers were more understanding of student’s lives outside of school and how it could affect their work and behavior inside of school.  Our school’s focus on social justice is really important and relevant to our society and I had my eyes opened on many issues.  Lily Hyde, current MCHS HP Senior

Having smaller class sizes can help students with anxiety and those who do not do well academically in large classes.  Anonymous, current MCHS HP Senior

At Middle College HP there is an absence of bullying.  All students respect each other and the respect between teachers and students is evident.  Smaller class sizes means fewer distractions and I’m free to ask questions about topics or ideas that I’m having difficulty understanding without fear that I’d be ignored or dismissed.  Sawyer Coe, current MCHS HP Senior

There’s a strong relationship between the students and we all want to see each other succeed.  There’s no fights that happen here like in bigger schools because there are no divisions among us.  Middle College HP has a strong connection to the community.  Together we learn about social justice issues and we even work in a P-Patch growing and harvesting food to donate to our neighbors at the food bank.  Isaiah Gooden, current MCHS HP Senior




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