Middle College students attend Mayor’s press conference announcing Universal Pre-K Initiative!

Middle College students had the opportunity to attend Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s press conference announcing the new Seattle pre-school program designed to make a positive and hopefully profound impact on the much discussed academic achievement gap in our city.  Among the many dignitaries attending the press conference was our own Seattle School District Superintendent Jose Banda.  After the press conference Superintendent Banda toured our Middle College Site at the High Point Center and met with some of our faculty members.

Talk about Community Engagement!




MCHS Students adopt a P-Patch plot in effort to grow food for the High Point Food Bank.

In keeping with our commitment to social justice and community engagement, MCHS HP students have initiated a service learning project, adopting a P-Patch plot to grow food for the needy in our community.  Several students have taken the lead in planning and documenting our garden and the entire school has pitched in to help amend the soil with our own compost as we  plant our first seeds and starter plants.  The P-Patch project compliments our curriculum where we examine the need for organic gardening and sustainability as part of a solution to the injustices and inequalities that exist in our communities.  At Middle College High Point, our faculty are dedicated to developing an innovative and creative curriculum that helps our students connect their learning with real life.








We’re serious about Bee education at MCHS HP!

Learning about Bees is an important component of our Environmental Studies/Service Learning curriculum at Middle College High Point.  We learn about Bee’s in the classroom and we interact with them at the West Seattle Bee Garden just outside our classroom doors.  We are so happy to work with our guest teachers and community volunteers who continue to play an important role in developing this exciting educational partnership at MCHS HP.  Middle College High Point senior Anisa Saadi was our first student to volunteer for bee keeper duties!  One giant step for MCHS HP!